The Yaaku or also known as the Il mokoodo is a distinct indigenous hunter- gatherer community living on the edge Mukogodo forest and side by side with the Laikipia Maasai. Their language, Yiaku. is clasiffied as extinct by UNESCO.


yiaku-240They are speciliast bee- keepers, nature keepers and have special skills in forest management and use of medicinal plants.

They use to live in the caves found within the forest. The government gazetted the forest as a forest reserve forcing them to live on the edge of forest. This has affected their traditional means of livelihoods as they can longer use and access the forest as they use. They are partially assimilated to the Laikipia Maasai but they do mantain specific forms of their cultural identity.

Their own organisation, the Yaaku association is working towards cultural, language and identity revival.

Through their eyes and skills you can explore the forest and spend a night in the traditional homes- the yaaku caves.

The last speakers – Yaaku language saved from extinction