Yaaku is a nearly extinct language. Some say there is no chance to revive it. We plan to change history. We plan to change those unbeliever’s minds. We plan to do the nearly impossible: Revive Yaaku(nte) language, part of the world’s Cultural Heritage.
Yaaku language is poorly classified belonging to the Cushitic languages being a branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family languages…
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Cushitic Languages

The very basic element of our language saving strategy must be this dictionary to be edited sooner then later.

We plan a pictured or/and illustrated dictionary upon Yaaku language. First of all a book form as there are no computer facilities in their shool and homes either.

The books must reach all the pupils and all the members of the tribe if possible.

The dictionary is planned to be based on previous linguists’ vocabularies and further research and records based upon the Yaaku elderly speakers’ knowledge.
This will be the only attempt since Prof. Heine edited his vocabulary in 1975.

Heine 1975 Yaaku vocabulary

Manasseh Matunge founder of Yaaku Cultural Group created a newer and smaller vocabulary.

The difference of these two vocabularies clearly shown the need for setting a proper orthography for Yaaku language.

This is the last chance to document and to support surviving this language as there is no more than 10 remaining speakers left. All aged above 70 years.

If this project fails one more language is going to be extinct on Earth.
We get poorer in Human culture by loosing unique Yaaku language.

This dictionary is planned to be trilingual (or quadrilingual) due to the recent situation as most of the Yaakus speek Maa(sai) as their mothertongue. Swahili is their second and English can be their third language only by higher education. Often Samburu is the third language for local Yaakus.

The dictionary edited by myself can support Yaakus to relearn their nearly lost (great grand)mothertongue.

We need linguists (of any skills) who are interested in our language revival project.

Dr Szabo, Laszlo
founder of Yaaku Trust
White Embassador of the Yaakus
Mzungu Balozi ya Yaaku

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