One of our projects is to improve the local health system based on local Yaaku students becoming nurses (and doctor(s) forming a local polyclinic with a holistic view. This can serve also the the visiting tourists and giving them an option to build a wider view on medical treatment facilities. This polyclinic must be partly based on „western” science and also traditional local healing methods saving ancient local knowledge based on local (cheaper) facilities forming a satisfactory way of treatment.
Our plan is slightly similar to neighbouring Maasai Kimanjo Hospital but far more traditional in (treatments) any way.

The improved local health care system is a chance to save the elders (last speakers), to let them live a longer life and inherit their knowledge to the younger generations.

The Healing House is going to be a tourist attraction also as a Visitor Centre to build a view on East Africal healing plants focusing on Yaaku methods.

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