Balozi ya Yaaku – Embassador of the Yaakus

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Balozi ya Yaaku

The Yaaku language and heritage revival steps to another stage.

We have established a trust with a detailed plan to reconstruct Yaaku society and to get their home back.

All supporters are welcome.

We form a club (in school every afternoon) for Yaaku children in close connection to last elderly speakers to revive the language and culture together.

Further plans:

  • Nursery for children in connection to Elderly Day Care Home – next to the school to let the elderly teach them nursery rhymes.
  • A local Healing House – „Polyclinic” – combining ancient local healing traditions  and western medicine. (Based on cheap local herbal remedies and imported dearer pharmaceuticals.) The Healing House is planned to be a Visitor Center for local remedies for visiting tourists.

Dr. Szabo Laszlo
Mzungu Balozi ya Yaaku
White Embassador of Yaakus
Founder of Yaaku Trust
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“balozi” – English translation

balozi consul

balozi ambassador

balozi (also: hakimu) governor